scrobbler for the N900

mafw-lastfm is a scrobbler for Maemo devices using mafw, the multimedia application framework for Maemo devices. With it, you can scrobble your listening habits to the social site.

How does it actually work? Why can't I see any UI?

A scrobbler is a piece of software that gathers the information of the tracks you listen and submits them to the social site. Since this is done entirely in the background, without any user interaction, there is no need for a UI. Just play your music from the N900 mediaplayer and enjoy.

If you are actually interested in playing content from, then you might actually want to have a look at software like Vagalume.

Where to get it?

You can install the scrobbler in your N900 from the Application Manager, from the Extras catalog. You will find it in the Multimedia section.

If you are interested in the source packages, you can download them from the garage project page. For the source code repository, check gitorious.

How to use it?

After installing the scrobbler, go to Settings, Extras, settings. Enter your username and password, and voilà!. You should be scrobbling already.

Where to report problems?

If you find any bugs or want tu suggest any improvements, please file a bug in the maemo bugzilla.

If you would like to join the development effort or discuss any issues, please join the mafw-lastfm mailing list.

Claudio Saavedra
Last modified: Wed May 12 23:41:07 EEST 2010